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  Sara Pozonsky,  Trish Kopp
Sara Pozonsky
& Trish Kopp are owners of Wild Alaskan Salmon Company. They were both born and raised in South-Central Alaska. They are among a brave group of strong Alaskan women who are drawn to the wild adventure that comes from working on the ocean.

While growing up in Alaska, Sara & Trish worked in the commercial fishing industry - Trish for a prominent processing plant and Sara on her father’s commercial fishing boat.  Sara’s brothers were also captains of their own commercial fishing boats for over 15 years.  Together their families alone have more than 75 years in the fishing industry!

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company began out of desire to carry on part of Sara’s father’s legacy (see very bottom of page) who died in 2004. He was a life-long Alaskan who commercial fished in Bristol Bay as well as in the Cook Inlet. It is Sara and Trish's desire to carry on his tradition by providing customers across the nation with the highest quality of wild Alaskan seafood available.  With all their past experience in the commercial fishing field, you can be assured that they know & recognize quality wild Alaskan seafood when they see it!

Wild Alaskan salmon comes from an extremely well-managed, environmentally responsible and sustainable fishery, resulting in it being recommended by the most respected leaders of the environmental community as a responsible seafood choice. 

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company prides itself in selling the very best of wild Alaskan seafood and our excellent customer service. Shipped directly to your door from the icy waters of Alaska!

Shop now for today's specials on wild Alaskan salmon and other wild Alaskan seafood! ALWAYS WILD. NEVER FARMED.

Cook Inlet - Mt Redoubt  


The Crew of the ALEXIS
Wild Alaskan Salmon Company has developed many great friendships with other commercial fisherman in Alaska which helps us to be able to provide you with  more of Alaska's outstanding wild salmon,black cod & halibut! When you purchase your Alaskan seafood from Wild Alaskan Salmon company, you can know that you are buying the best, and that your fish was handled and processed with the highest standards and strictest practices set in place.
Wild salmon from Alaska is widely recognized as an extremely well-managed, environmentally responsible and sustainable fishery, resulting in it being recommended by the most respected leaders of the environmental community as a responsible seafood choice. For example, the Audubon Society lists wild salmon among its very best choices for recommended seafood (by contrast, they list farmed Atlantic salmon as one of the worst!). Similarly, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s signature Seafood Watch program also lists wild Alaskan salmon at the very top of its recommended list. The Marine Stewardship Council, an independent non-profit certification organization backed by the World Wildlife Fund, has awarded its eco-label to wild Alaskan salmon in recognition of the fishery meeting its strict environmental and sustainability standards.

And remember, no matter where you buy your salmon, ALWAYS CHOOSE WILD SALMON over FARMED SALMON! For more information on wild vs farmed, click here.

Our adherence to the strictest seafood guidelines in the nation ensures that you will receive top quality, consistently graded PREMIUM salmon every time you purchase Wild Alaskan Salmon Companys  products. Our processors are fully licensed USDA and HAACP inspected. Take the guess work out of ordering salmon – choose the best, choose wild salmon from Wild Alaskan Salmon Company! You can’t buy a better salmon anywhere else!

Go Wild!” with Wild Alaskan Salmon Company!
A note about our fresh flash-frozen salmon fillets:
With recent technological advances, fishing fleets are able to clean and flash-freeze fish virtually moments after they are caught. Flash-freezing, a process used for Wild Alaskan Salmon Company, instantly freezes the water inside fish tissues, thus preserving juices and maximizing flavor and texture when cooked. Quality and freshness in our salmon is maintained because the fish is packed and shipped frozen and not thawed until you open the package. If you can’t get the salmon within a day or two of being caught, this is the next best alternative. We doubt you’ll be able to taste the difference. Our online retail store only sells flash-frozen fillets.


Commercial fishing boat
Commercial fishing boat
basket of fish
Sockeye in Fish tote after delivery
Commercial Fisherman - Chuck Kopp
Fisherman at work!
Commerical Fisherman - Loren Leman
Sockeye Salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company all began out of
LOVING LOVING MEMORY OF OUR FATHER who passed away in 2004.

Chuck Crapuchettes

Charles Eugene Crapuchettes

Commercial Fisherman, Father, Teacher & Friend

April 9, 1936 - April 29, 2004

"Daddy, you are sorely missed!"

Let us now praise famous men and our fathers that begat us...
There be of them, that have left a name behind them, that their praises might be reported.
And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they
had never been; and are become as though they had never been born; and their children after them.
But these were merciful men, whose righteousness hath not been forgotten.
With their seed shall continually remain a good inheritance, and their children are within the convenant.
Their seed standeth fast, and their children for their sakes.
Their seed shall remain forever, and their glory shall not be blotted out.
Their bodies are buried in peace; but their name liveth for evermore.
---Ecclesiasticus xliv
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