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Item Number: 5HALIBUT

Fresh & Wild Alaskan Halibut

5lbs Wild Alaska Halibut - Portioned down to 12-16oz sizes. It’s hard to beat Alaskan Halibut for its great seafood taste. Halibut is prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color, and firm, flaky meat. It is an excellent source of high quality protein and minerals and is also low in sodium, fat and calories. This fish contains a minimum of bones and is a winner at any table. We love it baked or batter fried, but any way you prepare this fish will be great!

Wild Alaskan Halibut, along with our wild salmon, is on Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch's BEST CHOICE list for seafood! You'll love this tender and mild fish - it practically melts in your mouth it's soooo good!

Available in 1-1.5 pound frozen fillets
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