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Want to enjoy some great time with your family and friends? Join in on the hottest new craze and enjoy an evening playing North Star Games!Games like Wits and Wagers(won Party Game of the Year by Games Magazine) and Cluzzle(rated #1 drawing and sculpting game of all time!).

Wits & Wagers has won more industry awards during it's first year than any other party game in history! It's a great game to play with a group of people. Learn more about these great games and how you can get one by clicking

                                                    Dominic with his game, Wits & Wagers in Target

Dominic Crapuchettes,  owner of Northstar Games (AND my cool cousin who was a captain of his own commerical fishing boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska for many years before starting his own successful game company)  holds his Wits and Wagers game being sold at Target. Grab a game for yourself and spend some great time with family and friends. It's been rated The Party Game of 2007 by Games Magazine and the Best Trivia Game of All Time by Seriously, You'll be glad you bought it - it's Major Fun!
For a limited time: Get Wits & Wagers FREE when you order an Ultimate Gift Box.


Quality Epoxy floors aren't just for garages anymore. They're great for walkways, patios and rooms throughout your home. Epoxy floors add beauty, they are durable, and they add value to your home. Epoxy floors also come in a variety of styles, colors and glosses!  Jon Kopp is the owner and takes great pride in every job he does. Read more here:



Dominic Crapuchettes & Jon Kopp, both happen to by our cousins who also are entrepreneurs! (It must be in the family genes). Anyway, both of them also happen to have spent decades commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The picture below is of my cousins on the boat they fished for so long - Dominic (on top in the crows nest), Jon (on deck, in the middle with the blue sweatshirt, proudly posing for the pic in orange rain gear). We come from a long line of commercial fisherman in our family!!
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