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  • Please enter a physical address and a contact phone number (FedEx does not deliver to P.O. Boxes).
  • We ship to US addresses only.
  • We ship all our products besides our canned salmon via FedEx Priority or Standard Overnight service due to the fact that we use no preservatives and all of our products need to be kept refrigerated.
  •  We ship all Canned Products Priority Mail.
  • We  ship orders out on Monday, through Thursday. 
  • Orders place Monday - Thursday go out the next business day.  Thursday orders go out on Monday.  Orders place Friday go out on Monday and orders place Saturday and Sunday get packed on Monday and shipped out Tuesday. We will send you a confirmation of your ship date.  
  • All orders are marked "no signature required for delivery" so please make sure someone is available to receive the shipment as it needs to placed in the freezer  (or refrigerator if using within 2 days) upon receipt. 

  • ANY QUESTIONS? Just  send us an email at!

    A Word About Flash-Freezing Technology

  • With recent technological advances, fishing fleets are able to clean and flash-freeze fish virtually moments after they are caught. Flash-freezing, a process used for Wild Alaskan Salmon Company, instantly freezes the water inside fish tissues, thus preserving juices and maximizing flavor and texture when cooked. Quality and freshness in our salmon is maintained because the fish is packed and shipped frozen and not thawed until you open the package.

  • This salmon product has been well insulated and packed to maintain a stable temperature during shipping. Slightly thawed sealed portions may be safely refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. Unopened vacuum-packed salmon packages have a refrigerated shelf life of approximately three days. Freezing is recommended for long-term storage.

    To prepare your flash-frozen fillets, simply open your fish package and rinse off any ice glaze under cold water. Place your fillet on a platter (or cookie sheet!) tightly covered with plastic wrap in your refrigerator for 8-10 hours to refresh (thaw). Do not place flash frozen fish in warm water to unthaw as this will cause a loss of fish quality.

    If you have any problems or questions about your order or our shipping policy, please call 724 344-7297 and we will be happy to assist you.
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